Seahawk Cafe serves SHS staff

Published 7:37 pm Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kayla Jones and Aaron Redmond prepare the Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup.


To address the entrepreneurship portion of the Foods II curriculum, Beth Bennett’s Foods II class at Southside High School provides the faculty and staff at Southside High School with a delicious lunch two to three times per semester.  Students handle this self-sustaining project from the beginning to its end.  They plan the meals; prepare the fliers to let the SHS staff know the menu items, the dates and the costs of the meal; serve the meal to those who choose to dine in or deliver to those individuals who so desire; and then clean up.  The menu on Nov. 9 included Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup, baked sweet potatoes, garlic bread, peaches and cream cake and tea.
One of the students, Shaitiyah Wright, remarked, “The Seahawk Café was a great success.  Everything went smoothly and on time.  It was a great experience and the customers loved the food.  I can’t wait until the next one!”