This relationship is working

Published 9:44 pm Thursday, February 21, 2013

When a partnership benefits a private company and a public entity such as a local government, that’s worth noting.
The City of Washington and Sea Tow Pamlico have such a partnership, one that should continue. The city provides docking space for a Sea Tow Pamlico vessel at the city’s docks. Sea Tow Pamlico provides services that benefit those docks and the boaters who use them. For example, Sea Tow Pamlico regularly removes logs and other debris that float down the Pamlico-Tar River. Doing that prevents the docks and boats from being damaged.
Captain Larry Williams lends his experience and knowledge of area waters to boaters and city staff when it comes to nautical matters on those area waters.
“Sea Tow continues to be an asset to the community as well. During recent storms, his (Williams’) expertise has guided planning and recovery. His experience and contacts with other marinas has been a good resource when comparing policies, rules and regulations,” reads a city document. “His availability in the area has enabled him to be of assistance to our ‘resident’ boaters as well as the community at large.”
In a letter asking to continue his relationship with the city, Williams wrote: “Sea Tow has enjoyed a great boating year (2012) providing assistance for local boaters. We responded to 72 calls for mechanical failures, fuel drops, battery jumps, groundings and multiple prop disentanglements from lost crab pots.”
Through the partnership, the city benefits and Sea Tow Pamlico benefits. That’s good for taxpayers and the private sector.