Change is good

Published 9:20 pm Saturday, February 23, 2013


This month’s school board meetings have been great reminders of the virtues of elections and term limits.

While all of the board members have been assets to Beaufort County Schools, the introduction of a new member and the election of a new chairwoman have stirred up some new ideas.

It has been refreshing to see board members take closer looks at their meeting processes and look for ways to engage constituents as well as work more efficiently. Whatever the outcome, the board can chalk this experience up as a win.

Members expressed legitimate concerns that some of these changes may result in longer meetings and were chastised for not being willing to do what was in the best interests of the students.

Soon after the discussion of the committee process and time constraints, board members opened up their calendars and committed to three hours of budget meetings on three separate days.

Most planned to attend a luncheon with state Sen. Bill Cook three days later. And a few members volunteered to travel to an upcoming state meeting.

All members agreed to meet two hours before the March meeting to hear a presentation from energy consultants and meet with county commissioners.

The current schedule includes about two hours in committee meetings and three hours in monthly board meetings. Board members also attend school events and the occasional tour of school grounds.

This is a hard-working board that has shown again and again a willingness to devote the time and effort needed to perform their duties.

The real concern may be the change in a routine they have grown accustomed to, but the change may end up being a blessing in disguise. We recommend board members keep an open mind and give a few of these new ideas a try before assuming the worst.

And to the new blood, keep stirring the pot. We can smell something great cooking.