Sound off, March 1, 2013

Published 11:43 pm Friday, March 1, 2013

Concerning the new jail location, Councilman Doug Mercer was quoted as saying, “I did feel a little put out. The decision was made with absolutely no discussion with this council in anyway.’ Yet, Mr. Mercer was comfortable in deciding to install two stop signs on Lawson Road last year with input from only one other resident of Lawson Road. … The stop signs are a bad idea and only encourage speeding from one stop sign to the next.

How shortsighted of our county commissioners to put a jail in an industrial. Pretty much can guarantee no outside businesses are going to put a business next to a jail. Could someone please explain the zoning within an industrial park relating to a jail? Or is the lack of zoning the reason the jail is being placed in an industrial park?

Congratulations to state Sen. Bingham for proposing voluntary Bible education in high schools. Can I assume that paying the additional taxes required to support this obviously Christian-biased idea will be voluntary? Will additional teachers have to be hired and at whose expense? Think about it. I don’t think Sen. Bingham did.