How easy should it be?

Published 9:56 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A few years ago, a conversation about firearms led to a statement that was rather surprising. This person was rationalizing the use of automatic weapons while hunting, summing up his argument by saying the need for an automatic weapons was based on the chance that he might miss his prey with the first shot.
Recently, some members of the North Carolina Senate proposed legislation to allow hunters to hunt using silencers. Right now, it is a misdemeanor to hunt using silencers in North Carolina.
Those two things taken to together might lead one to the conclusion that hunting, like most things nowadays, ain’t what it used to be. The purpose, it would seem for some, looks to have moved away from pitting one’s skills against a worthy wild foe. Some might view hunting as having evolved from the challenge of the sport — taking a shot and knowing you’d better not miss because it would likely be your only chance — to a clear win, with the odds firmly in the hunter’s corner.
Many bullets in little amount of time mean a greater chance of bringing down the prey. Silenced weapons mean several shots could be fired without scaring off the prey, meaning a greater chance of bringing down prey.
Even if one isn’t concerned about people (children) in the woods unable to hear silenced shots, which is a warning to steer clear if there ever was one, perhaps one should be concerned about the gradual erosion of skills, deliberation and patience needed to excel at a noble pastime.
Things just keep getting easier.