Sound off, March 14, 2013

Published 2:03 am Thursday, March 14, 2013

For all the illegal immigrant sympathizers: not only do illegals underbid on jobs so no American can compete, they are now bringing in a drug-resistant tuberculosis. Parts of Texas and California have been showing unusually high rates of this TB. When are you going to understand that it’s not racist to stop the illegals from entering the U.S.? It’s our security of jobs, our health. Anyone is welcome here, just do it the right way. Come to America legally.

Recently on TV, I saw a clip from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” It was making fun of Jesus and his resurrection. It showed Jesus removing the stone from the inside of his burial cave and saying, “I’m back,” which sounded as if he was alluding to a line from the movie “The Terminator.” He started shooting lots of Roman soldiers and said he was done with being good. This is pure blasphemy. Do you think they would do this to Muhammad and Islam? Of course not.