Sound Off, March 29, 2013

Published 2:43 am Friday, March 29, 2013

Has anyone noticed that when gas prices go up, that they go up every 10 cents, jump 10 cents every day. … The gas prices seem to go up every single day. I’ve noticed that when they go down, they go down slowly.

It looks like our governor is wasting no time in cutting education. I thought he ran on building up education, but I guess he got the Republican playbook to say to cut education and raise taxes. I thought the Republicans didn’t want to raise taxes, but it seems like they are raising taxes right off the bat. Cutting education? Destroying the opportunities for our young people to get ahead and for our country to progress and be No. 1? … This is going to set us back. …. Cut education? That’s not the smart thing to do.

I’d like to put a comment in Sound Off about the signs they are putting up around town. It sure is making the town look nice. I thought it should be in the paper to get them to improve a little more.

When did the citizens of Washington authorize the City Council to change the name of our city, Washington the Original, to Little Washington? I must have missed that City Council meeting.