Sound off, April 5, 2013

Published 12:15 am Friday, April 5, 2013

I was glad to hear our district attorney say “no” to another of our county commissioner’s asinine demands. When will our county commissioners get a backbone and quit letting one commissioner make them all look stupid?

In response to the person calling in about the garbage on the side of the road coming from the trash trucks, that’s not necessarily true. Some of the trash is coming from people hauling trash to the trash sites in pickup trucks. Their trash is blowing off onto the roads, and they don’t bother to pick it up.

After reading the article where the DA says “no” to the county commissioners, I wonder if he would like to say why it takes so long for an officer of the court or a law-enforcement agency to be tried for driving under the influence, having a concealed weapon and driving with an open container. His case has been delayed, delayed, delayed. It seems like Mr. Edwards has a lot of delayed cases.