Keep on fighting the good fight

Published 1:06 am Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It’s Relay for Life season in the area, and that means plenty of fundraisers to help in the battle against cancer are being scheduled.

With so many people in eastern North Carolina fighting cancer and so many people in eastern North Carolina with loved ones, neighbors and co-workers fighting cancer, it behooves us as communities and individuals to do our part to help battle cancer.

Cancer strikes young children, middle-age mothers and elderly grandparents. Cancer attacks the poor, the middle class and the rich. Cancer kills, deforms and ravages the mind and body. Cancer attacks all races, creeds and religious groups. That means everyone should join the fight against cancer.

Relay for Life fundraising events range from the traditional bake sales by churches, civic groups and nonprofits to newer events such as a boxing matches and golf tournaments.

Beaufort County has a proven track record when it comes to financially supporting Relay for Life fundraising events. The county’s residents are committed to the fight against cancer.

As welcome as the monetary donations raised to battle cancer are, the dedication of those groups that raise the money needed for cancer research is just as welcome. That dedication should be rewarded by the community, which should buy those brownies at bake sales, have their vehicles washed at the car washes or just make a donation to the cause.
Few things are as heart-warming and inspiring as watching cancer survivors make that traditional first lap at Relay for Life events. Some are making that walk for the first time; others have been taking that lap for five, 10 or more years.
They are living proof that the fight against cancer can be won.

Relay for Life is more than just about raising money; it’s about raising hope. Relay for Life provides an opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors and honor those who lost their battles against cancer.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again and again: Relay for Life is a commitment, celebration and creation of awareness that communities across the world should embrace.