Sound Off, April 14, 2013

Published 7:36 pm Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yes, I’m calling in reference to the article on the front page of the Wednesday paper, which states that the county opposes the House Bill 343 and Senate Bill 385 which would charge $20 for every civil motion. The article goes on to talk about how this would affect the collection of child support. If the county was truly concerned about collecting child support, they would hold the deadbeat parent responsible. Most cases, the judges allow them to be continued five to six times prior to ever holding them accountable. They also allow the deadbeat parents to only pay a small portion, less than the recommended 10 percent, of back payment. It doesn’t seem to me that these two bills are the real problem. The real issue at hand is the lack of accountability this court system specifically the civil judges, on holding the parents accountable.