CLUB NEWS: Down East Seniors

Published 11:51 pm Friday, April 19, 2013

The Down East Seniors held its regular meeting at The Blind Center on April 17. President, Bob Diefendorf, introduced Elwood “Mac” Wilson as a new member. Lou Weltzer gave his “profile” which started in Buffalo, N.Y. where he was born. He worked for the Pennsylvania R.R. for 38 years in its real estate department. He traveled around the country buying, selling and leasing “right of way” properties for the expanding system. He and his wife, Mary Lou, moved to Cypress Landing in 1997.

Dr. Frank Stallings introduced Dr. Phil Ninan, psychiatrist who talked about the human brain, the most complicated organ in the human body. Unfortunately, he said it doesn’t come with a “user manual.” The brain has millions and millions of neurons and circuits. He discussed several forms of meditation such as yoga from India, and tai chi from China. Afterwards, he led the group in three minutes of silent meditation, which he recommended to be used on a regular basis. An animated question and answer period followed.

Ray Briley won the 50/50 drawing.

Down East Seniors Club President called the Wednesday, April 10, meeting to order. Members stood to sing The National Anthem and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were no birthdays or anniversaries for the week.  Rudy Burns introduced his guest, Mike Wilson.

Speaker, Stewart Rumley, former mayor of Washington, told about his various life experiences, ending with a long service in the U.S. Coast Guard. He also spoke about his 4½ terms as Washington’s mayor.

He spoke of the interesting but complicated history of the electric service to the city beginning with the city generating its own power and ending with service provided by Progress Electric.

The future according to Rumley is still unknown at this point, although the legislature is discussing several plans. The club enjoyed his talk, which concluded with questions from the club members answered by Rumley.