Spice possession lands 3 in jail

Published 9:08 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UGGESTED HEADLINE:  Hunter Holley, Joshua Williams, David Landing

Hunter Holley, Joshua Williams, David Landing


Narcotics investigators jailed three Washington men on April 19, for allegedly smoking a synthetic cannabinoid that is sold as incense in some convenience stores.

According to a press release from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit, a complaint about the three men was called in and investigators responding to the scene on Wells Road near Beaufort County Community College found evidence of the drug and its use in a parked vehicle occupied by the men, said the release.

Joshua Tyler Williams, 19, of Lennington Lane, and David Evan Landing, 18, of Slatestone Road, were arrested and held at the Beaufort County Detention Center under a $12,000 secured bonds.

A third man, Hunter Reid Holley, 19, of Cherry Road, was passed out in the back seat of the car and even after awakened by investigators, he was unresponsive, said the release.

“He was awake but he had a dead look in his eyes,” said a spokesman for the drug unit. “He wasn’t able to answer pretty simple questions — he was in a bad daze.”

Investigators contacted Broad Creek EMS and Holley was transported to Vidant Beaufort Hospital.

“’Spice’ has some extremely dangerous chemicals in it. People’s kidneys have shut down; major organs have shut down from inhaling it,” said the spokesman. “Whoever’s smoking it thinks they’re getting high, but actually, they’re doing something pretty dangerous to themselves.
“We don’t know what’s in it. They don’t know what’s in it. The only recourse is to get them some medical attention,” he explained.

Investigators seized several packages of Spice, empty packages of Spice, a glass water bong and a glass smoking pipe from the vehicle, according to the release.

After Holley was release from the hospital, he was taken to the jail on identical charges to the other two men: possession of synthetic cannabinoid, inhaling toxic vapors and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“Inhaling toxic vapors—the statute’s been around a long time. It was basically designed for people who were huffing paint, but if you read the law, it applies to inhaling any toxic vapor,” the spokesman said. “It’s not illegal to own (Spice), but it’s not legal to smoke something that not designed to be smoked.”