Class of 1952 celebrates 61 years

Published 6:50 pm Monday, April 29, 2013

They’ve switched from nighttime events to daytime. The numbers are smaller, but that’s just to be expected — it’s been a long time since they wore cap and gown. It’s been 61 years, in fact, since the 1952 graduates of Washington High School were handed their diplomas.

On April 20, the May of 1952 grads met at the Golden Corral in Washington.

“Everybody commented that it can’t possibly be 60 years since we graduated from high school,” said Eleanor Trigg. “Everything was funny. We laughed the whole time.”

Attending the event were out-of-towners Charles and Betty Sue Harris of Morrisville, Cleveland and Mary Lou Duke of Providence, N.C., Darrell and Bobbie Griffin of Hampton, Va., Durwood and Joretta Jones of Cocoa, Fla., Carroll and Geraldine Campbell Seymour of Raleigh. Those coming from close by were Betty Jarvis, Frank Sheppard, Billy Jefferson, Vail Kugler Hawkins, Alice Walker Lynch, Neal and Jean Trueblood, Joyth Hill Edwards, Peggy Peele Waters, Bob and Ann Parker, Fred and Mary Williamson, Colleen Moore and James Lupton, Ray and Sylvia Lilley and Eleanor Oakley and Tracy Trigg.

Trigg said this time around, the afternoon reunion was “really low-key and fun — the way it’s supposed to be,” and the group traded memories (the men, mostly of Coach Choppy Wagner) in a round-table discussion.

“Where are you supposed to be?” According to Trigg, there were many laughs at the imitation of Washington High School Principal Joe Kornegay’s traditional greeting of the students he passed in the hallways of the old school.

Trigg said she sends a newsletter to remaining members of the Class of ’52, so they know what’s going on with each other. In return, those who couldn’t come to the reunion sent greetings from out of town.

The Washington High School Class of 1952 held a 50th reunion, a 56th, a 60th and now a 61st. May 3 of next year, they’ll be back to do the same: to share some memories, and while they’re at it, tell some more stories on each other, too.