A family affair: Playmakers present show for all ages

Published 9:52 pm Thursday, May 2, 2013

MONA MOORE | DAILY NEWS Washington High School Playmakers warm up for dress rehearsal. The actors will present “The Light in the Library” tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m.

Washington High School Playmakers warm up for dress rehearsal. The actors will present “The Light in the Library” tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m.  MONA MOORE | Daily News

The Washington High School Playmakers will continue its tradition of offering an affordable family night with this weekend’s production of Kevin Stone’s “The Light in the Library.”
“It’s family theatre. Take your kids to it,” said Tara O’Brien.
The sophomore portrays Paige, one of two girls who get locked in a public library overnight.
Tickets to the 45-minute play are $3 per person, and children under 5 get in free.
“It’s a pretty good value for the money, and it still gives the teens time to go out after, and the kids are home before bedtime,” said R. Travis Carter, director of the play.
Since the play encourages reading, Carter said, the Playmakers would do the same. The ensemble will raffle a copy of every book mentioned in the “The Light in the Library.” The list includes “Adventures in Wonderland,” “Anne of Green Gables,” “The Complete Works of Shakespeare” and “Treasure Island.”
The cast includes Kaylah Ward, Sarah Vick, Zack Crawford, Kayla Whitesell, Amber Wade, Kevin Flores-Castro, Katiana Silkiss, Diani Teixeira, Lauren Gargaro, Kevin Mizelle, Taylor Abele, Ryan Cowell, Dylan Willoughby, Thomas Hall, Brandon Cutler and Erin Lewis.
The cast of 18 pulls characters from the pages of classics as the two girls, Paige and Gabby, share the adventure.
“We’ve got Red Riding Hood. We’ve got Humpty Dumpty. We’ve got the Mad Hatter. Oh, you’ve got to see the Mad Hatter,” Carter said.
Senior Thomas Hall said that was what appealed to him, “the amount of different characters, like all the book characters are brought together,” he said.
Hall plays one-legged Long John Silver.
The cast has practiced two or three nights a week since March, not an easy task with a calendar of events and competing schedules to contend with. In the midst of rehearsals and other preparation, the group had spring break, Steppin’ Out, two community concerts, a spelling bee, several sports events and this weekend’s Relay for Life.
“I love this group. They’ve worked really, really hard and it’s been a community effort,” Carter said.
He said the community pitched in with everything from costumes to advertising.
“Brandi (Bartelt) is trying really hard, and her boss has been really supportive giving her time off,” Carter added.
This is Bartelt’s first high-school production. The senior said she decided to try out because she wanted to act in a production before she graduated.
She portrays Gabby.
“She’s a lazy procrastinator who is good at getting people into trouble all of the time,” Bartelt said.
“She’s mean, too,” added O’Brien.
She described Paige as Gabby’s best friend, a smart hippie who does not like getting into trouble.
And the play is just as diverse.
“It’s got a little something for everyone,” said Bartelt. “There’s comedy, mystery, madness.”
“Lots of madness,” agreed O’Brien. “There’s romance there, too, isn’t there?”
For more information, contact R. Travis Carter at Washington High School, 252-946-0858 or send email to whsplaymakers@yahoo.com.