Sound Off, May 12, 2013

Published 8:54 pm Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is to all the politicians. It seems like every time I read the paper, either certain organizations are trying to raise the rates as well as county and states trying to raise taxes. I’m retired. This is getting to be a little upsetting. The same way with the ferry.


The reason the bails are set so low for drug dealers is because Beaufort County needs a new jail. It has no place to house a bunch of drug-heads and dealers. We need a new jail.


Imagine getting up, looking at the paper (Friday) morning and see one of these drug dealers back in here, that’s been in here three or four times, and he’s out on two bonds already. So, when it gets out on this one, it will be three bonds, and he’ll be back on the street selling drugs again. … They better do better than what they’re doing with the druggies.