Sound Off, June 2, 2013

Published 7:01 pm Saturday, June 1, 2013

One caller about the Martin Marietta mining operation said it would be an economic boon to Washington and Beaufort County and that all those that are against it are not ready for the 21st century. If it’s such a boon, maybe that should be explained and what progress are we talking about? How much consideration does Beaufort County get? How much economic growth does the county get? If the rock quarry is such a boon to the county, why don’t we cut down all the trees, including in Goose Creek State Park. That would also be an economic boon to the county because it would generate income. I’m being facetious, as you can tell. But I think we need to look at least 10 years down the road and consider the environmental impact to the county, not just Blounts Creek, but the river basin.


Anyone who leaves a quiet neighborhood and moves to the corner of Main Street and Festival Park and expects to have peace and quiet is both foolish and selfish.


In the case of Martin Marietta and how the permits are falling into place, one caller said, “I hope Martin Marietta gets all that it wants.” Where does that leave the environment? Where does that leave Blounts Creek and Pamlico-Tar River Basin? We need to leave a good environment for our children and grandchildren. A few dollars here and there won’t make a whole lot of difference down the road, but the state we leave the environment should make a lot of difference.


I saw a small classified ad in your paper. “Visit for some chill insgtrumental guitar music and all-around good vibes.” I visited their website, and I was impressed. The music is great. Their concept is great. I don’t know who these people are. I suspect they’re young people. They have initiative. They’re putting their message out. They have a real relaxing website. I’ll come back and visit again. Thank you for having it in the paper.


I’m upset to see that on the day of remembrance that the Chocowinity Fire Department and the local post office were flying their flags, but they weren’t at half-staff. The town hall wasn’t even flying a flag at all. I thought that was Memorial Day. That’s so sad. Some Americans still remember.