Write Again … The really important things

Published 9:34 pm Monday, June 3, 2013

There are times in the lives of each of us, some sweet, some painful, when we realize in dramatic fashion that we are part of the family of man; that we are, indeed, brothers and sisters here in this world.

When one loses a family member, a loved one, a friend, one’s world is never the same.

Change is a part of life; change is life, yet the finality of death is perhaps the greatest mystery we might ever ponder. And to ponder the inexplicable offers little in the way of our need to have logic and understanding in our lives.

Life is so precious. So very precious. When someone dies, this precious quality is brought home to us in such a powerful way.

The beginning of life is also a mystery. A beautiful mystery. Each of us was given life by our mother and father and a higher power. This partnership is the most wonderful thing there is. A mystery, sure; and also miraculous. 

It’s so easy to lose sight of the really important things in this life. Family, friends, health and home. There is very little beyond this that is of paramount importance, and this isn’t meant to diminish one’s work or avocations. 

So. Perhaps what I’m attempting to say, in an awkward fashion, is that between birth and death — which is the time allotted to us in this world — we might try a little harder to love one another, to be willing to show it, and to allow as few opportunities as possible to pass by to reach out to those who mean or have meant something to us.

When someone you care for now, or at some point in your life was special to you, is taken from this world it is, of course, too late to express your love or caring. Too late.

Nothing I have expressed here is original, and I fear my sentiments may seem a bit maudlin to some. That which caused me to write this, to have these thoughts, is of a very personal nature. Let me leave it at that.

I believe, I believe with all my heart and intellect, that we are all a part of the family of man. And I believe that there is far more that binds us than separates us. 

In joy, in sorrow; in hope, in despair; with faith, without faith; in life, in death … we are, all of us, children of God.

We are the family of man.

APROPOS — “Have we not all one father? Hath not one God created us?” The Bible –Book of Malachi