2013 Marked First Year of End of Grade Tests for Tyrrell County

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The North Carolina End of Grade Tests are the standardized tests given to students in North Carolina in third to eighth grade.  There are End of Course tests for students in the ninth to twelfth grades.

North Carolina EOG Tests report Lexile measures for students in grades 3-8. A Lexile measure can be used to match readers with targeted text and monitor growth in reading ability.
The North Carolina End of Grade tests are given to students at the end of each school year to determine whether or not they made state targets for growth. These tests are used to determine how well students and teachers are progressing with the curriculum.

Jana Rawls, Columbia Middle School Principal, discussed how the End of Grade tests pertain to Tyrrell County.

“They are for the sixth, seventh, and eight graders at Columbia Middle School. The regular EOGs which are for over ninety percent of the students are May 29th and 30th. The modified EOGs are May 13th to the 23rd for selected students,” she said.


Rawls explained that the tests this school year are new as they are aligned with the new Common Core Curriculum. For the first time, students will have social studies tests in the eighth grade, social studies tests and science tests in the seventh grade and science tests in the sixth grade for middle school.


“This will be a big adjustment for our students and teachers as they are used to having tests in math and reading only,” said Rawls.


There will also be some open-ended items in addition to the multiple choice format that students and teachers are accustomed to having.


“We are all anxious about the new tests, but feel that students and teachers that have worked hard this year will have success,” said Rawls.

Students about to take the tests offered their thoughts on what is to come.

“The End of Grade tests are just around the corner and many of the students are unprepared. I personally feel that as a student, if we work hard enough we can make what’s expected of us. The school staff is working hard to help us achieve that goal. Some of us students don’t like to get pushed and I am one of them. Teachers help us a lot while the End of Grade tests are coming. As a student, I believe the teachers like to see the best of us during the EOGs,” said Taylor Brickhouse.


Brendon Reynolds mentioned that he was eager to take the tests.

“I am eager to take the tests. I like taking tests so it should be kind of easy,” he said.


Gabriel Maready mentioned that he was nervous about the tests.

“Well I definitely ain’t looking forward to the tests. I’m a bit nervous and I believe I can do well but still that doesn’t mean a lot because there is still a large chance that I won’t,” he explained.


Other students felt differently.


Jose Gomez felt the tests would resemble growth.


“I feel confident and ready. These tests should be easy,” he said.


Kaitlyn Phan mentioned that the large amount of tests was daunting.


“I highly dislike the upcoming tests. I highly dislike it because we have to take five of them and it is now a written test. It is going to be even more difficult,” she said.


Allie Cabacar said she was nervous about EOGS.

The pressure to pass is great.


“I have to pass the first time. These are what ifs and I need to focus on I can. They are stressful and everyone enjoys when they are over,” she said.
Keyanna Britt mentioned that tests have change and again the nervous factor.

“I think I might make a passing grade.  I’m nervous about how different they are from the tests  last year.  I just really want to get them over with,” she said.

Kayla Simpson said she had mixed feelings about the tests.

She had never taken any of the tests in middle school.

“I mean, I know I have the material, but it’s just scary.  When I think about it I am nervous and very anxious to get it over with,” she said.


Brooke Thomas mentioned she was very anxious, but ready for the tests.


She has been wondering if it will be any different than at the elementary school.


I am ready to go ahead and get them over with and the school year to be over.  I get headaches from all of the information I’m learning, but when I get the slip of paper that has my grades, I think to myself, ‘Maybe all these headaches were worth something,” she said.


Nadia Woolard has taken tests since the third grade.


When she first started she was a little nervous about whether she was going to pass or what it was going to be like.

“The more I started taking them and the more questions I answered, the easier it became.  I feel that since I have done this before, that as long as I try, give my all to the questions, and have faith, absolutely no doubt this year taking the tests should not be that big of a challenge,” she said.