Buy Local Program Began in 2013

Published 9:58 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Buy Local Program sponsored by the Tyrrell County of Commerce is underway.

Sara Phelps said there are many benefits to the program in a 2012 presentation to Tyrrell County public officials.

Phelps appeared with other Chamber of Commerce members to promote the program before Tyrrell County Commissioners and the Town of Columbia Board of Aldermen in 2012.
“The main goal is to capture that revolving dollar and sales tax in our community. As you can see, the biggest benefit is the tax dollars going to our school system, law enforcement and other services that our community needs and uses. What are doing is trying to promote the businesses in Tyrrell County, Chamber members and non-Chamber members,” said Phelps in the ┬ápresentation.

The program outlined drop boxes generally in the public areas of the community.

“For example, the library, town office, and the visitor’s center. We are trying to reach anyone and everyone that will go to a public place. Those drop boxes will provide information that we can track and allow us to pull names out for awards. We are now in the process of meeting stakeholders in the community that will help us get this information out grassroots wise and help us gather prizes,” said Phelps in 2012.