Columbia High School Holds Athletic Banquet

Published 6:46 pm Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Columbia High School Athletic Department and Columbia High School Booster Club held its 2012-2013 Athletic Recognition Banquet on May 16.

Columbia High School Principal Marcia Manning commented on the entire athletic year and pointed out some of the highlights.
“We recognized two teams and many students for their academic accomplishments as well as their athletic accomplishments,” Manning said.

Manning also noted that Columbia High School had three Coaches of the Year for the Tideland Athletic Conference, four teams with a first place finish in either the conference or the conference tournament, and all other finishes were second place.

A list of awards presented at the banquet includes:
Junior Varsity Boys Basketball:

  • Most Improved Player:  Keion Holloway

  • Best Defensive Player:  Amar Spencer

  • Best Offensive Player:  Andre Brown

  • Hustle Award:  Tyquan Respass

  • Coach’s Award:  Rasheam McNeil
    Junior Varsity Volleyball

  • Hustle Award:  Likitia Basnight

  • Most Improved Player:   Reggeon Hicks

  • Coach’s Award:  Ashante Spruill

Scholar Athletes for the fall sports season

Scholar Athlete awards are sanctioned by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.  Awards are presented for both Fall and Spring semesters.  At this time, only the FALL athletes are being recognized, including the sports of volleyball, football, basketball, and cross country.

Student athletes must participate on a team at the high school varsity level.  Student athletes must remain a member of the athletic team for the full sports season.

Awards are presented to both TEAMS and INDIVIDUALS.

A VARSITY TEAM with a combined UNWEIGHTED GPA of 3.100 or higher is designated as an ACADEMIC SCHOLAR TEAM.  For these teams, a Team Certificate is presented to the school, and a team recognition certificate is presented to each member of the scholar athlete team.

Columbia High School is Proud to recognize the following Academic Scholar Teams:

Varsity Girls’ Volleyball, coached by Krista Horne   TEAM GPA:  3.378

Team Scholar Athletes:  Mary Ann Armstrong, Eliza Basnight, Kiara Beasley, Mecca Bowser, Kytara Breon Hassell, Dana Maltman, Elizabeth Moran, Jade Morris, Keosha White, scorekeeper Amber Morris.


Varsity Girls’ Basketball, coached by Marcy Hassell  TEAM GPA:  3.448

Team Scholar Athletes:  Eliza Basnight, Lakitia Basnight, Mecca Bowser, Kagan Brickhouse, Kytara Breon Hassell, Dana Maltman, Elizabeth Moran, Ashante Spruill, Robiniqua Wilder-Winborne, Keosha White, scorekeeper Amber Morris

Individual athletes may also be recognized by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association as Scholar Athletes.  To be eligible for this honor, an athlete must participate on a VARSITY level, must be a member of this team for the full season, and must have a WEIGHTED 3.5 or higher GPA for the designated semester.

Individual Scholar Athletes:

Varsity Football:  Johndre’ Bowser, Andre Brown, Brandon Cabacar, Jorge Ivan Duarte, Daniel Garza Salazar, Kit Kenny, and Shepherd K.J. Rawls

Varsity Cross Country:  John “Jay” Stanton

Varsity Girls’ Volleyball:  Mary Ann Armstrong, Eliza Basnight, Mecca Bowser, Kytara Breon Hassell, Dana Maltman, Jade Morris, Keosha White, scorekeeper Amber Morris

Varsity Cheerleaders:  Mary Ann Armstrong, Lakitia Basnight, Tamia Spruill, and Lynasia Wilder-Winborne

Varsity Girls’ Basketball:  Eliza Basnight, Lakitia Basnight, Mecca Bowser, Kagan Stuart Brickhouse, Kytara Breon Hassell, Dana Maltman, Robiniqua Wilder Winborne, Keosha White, scorekeeper (both boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball) Amber Morris

Varsity Boys’ Basketball:  Daniel Garza, Nelson Martinez, and Shepherd K.J. Rawls

NOTE:  Baseball and Softball Scholar Athletes may not be awarded until spring semester grades are final; these awards will be presented to students in the fall of 2013.

Special Awards:

Certificates were presented to the following, whose generous contributions made the purchase of new scoreboards for the football stadium, the softball field, and the baseball field possible:

Columbia Crossing, Columbia Pharmacy, White Cap Linen, Hank Rose Welding, Woodley Sales and Service, David Armstrong Heating & Air, Cherry Farms Seed Company, Albemarle Service Center, Wanda L. Pritchett, Mickey’s Sales and Service, Jami Weatherly, Tyrrell County Farm Bureau, Haywood and Nancy Davenport, Bill Clough Ford, and Full Circle Crab Company.

Certificates were also presented to TCS Maintenance Supervisor Doug Patrick for his work in baseball and softball field preparation and maintenance, and to Kim Davenport, Rhoda Cooper, and Marcel Van Dorp for their dedicated service to the CHS Athletic Booster Club during the 2012-2013 school year.

Other special awards included:

  • The Abbey K. Harrell Award:  Wesley and Ramona Armstrong

  • Female Athlete of the Year Award:  Mecca Bowser

  • Male Athlete of the Year Award:  Daniel Garza Salazar

Varsity Baseball:

Four Year Player Awards:

  • Kit Kenny


All Conference Honors:

  • DeMar Lee

  • Mikel Pierce

  • Nathaniel Presley

  • Quinton Reynolds


All Conference Honorable Mention (certificates):

Johndre’ Bowser

Daniel Garza


Coach’s Awards:

  • Most Improved Player:  Nathaniel Presley

  • Gold Glove Award:  Daniel Garza Salazar

  • Silver Slugger Award:  DeMar Lee

  • Coach’s Award:  Mikel Pierce

  • Rookie of the Year:  Johndre’ Bowser


Special Awards:

  • Cy Young Award:  Quinton Reynolds

              Varsity Boys Basketball:

Four Year Player Awards:

  • Daniel Garza Salazar

  • Shepherd K.J. Rawls


  • All Conference Honors (plaques):

    • Dominic Rayvon Basnight

    • Nelson Martinez

    • Kurtlin Moore

    • Shepherd K.J. Rawls


  • All Conference Honorable Mention (certificates):

Quinton Reynolds


  • Coach’s Awards:

    • Most Outstanding Offensive Player:  Kurtlin Moore

    • Most Outstanding Defensive Player:  Nelson Martinez

    • Most Versatile Player:  Shepherd K.J. Rawls

    • Coach’s Award:  Malik Gibbs

    • Most Outstanding Player:  Dominic Rayvon Basnight


  • Special Awards:

    • Outstanding Scorekeeper:  Amber Morris

  • Team Award:  Trophy Presentation; Conference Champions

  • Coach Award:  Coach of the Year, Bill Manning.

          Varsity Cheerleading:
All Conference Honors:

  • Mary Ann Armstrong

  • Ashante Spruill

  • Lynasia Wilder-Winbourne

Coach’s Awards; selections were made by both Jowanda Lee and Chastiny Gladden.

  • Most Dependable:  Kayla Roughton

  • Most Improved:  Reggeon Hicks

  • Most Versatile:  Lakitia Basnight

  • Outstanding Stunting:  Tamia Spruill

  • Wildcat Spirit Award:  Ashante Spruill

Varsity Cross Country:
All Conference Honors:

  • Jay Stanton

  • Liza Melton

  • Most Improved:  Brandi VanDorpe

  • Most Competitive: Liza Melton

  • Most Reliable:  Jay Stanton

  • Most Colorful:  Hannah Linton

Varsity Football


Four Year Player Awards:

  • Daniel Garza Salazar

  • Kit Kenny


  1. All Conference Honors:

    • Dominic Rayvon Basnight

    • Johndre Bowser

    • Andre Brown

    • Ray Collins

    • Kit Kenny

    • Daniel Garza Salazar

    • Mikel Pierce

    • Raheim Spencer


All Conference Honorable Mention:

Jorge Ivan Duarte

Kurtlin Moore


Conference Player of the Year:

  • Dominic Rayvon Basnight


Coach’s Awards:

  • Outstanding Defensive Player:  Kit Kenny

  • Outstanding Lineman: Ivan Duarte

  • Outstanding Scout Team Player:  Noah Pierce

  • Outstanding Offensive Player:  Rayvon Basnight


Special Awards:

  • Eric Clough Award; Outstanding Defense:  Mikel Pierce

  • Tyrone Roulhac Award; Outstanding Offense:  Daniel Garza Salazar

Coach Award:  Coach of the Year, T. J. Worrell

Varsity Girls Basketball
Four Year Player Awards:

  • Breon Hassell

  • Amber Morris (scorekeeper)


All Conference Honors:

  • Eliza Basnight

  • Mecca Bowser

  • Kytara Breon Hassell


All Conference Honorable Mention:

Lakitia Basnight

Elizabeth Moran


Coach’s Awards:

  • Hustle Award:  Lakitia Basnight

  • Outstanding Defensive Player:  Dana Maltman

  • Outstanding Offensive Player:  Eliza Basnight

  • Most Improved Player:  Ashante Spruill

  • Most Valuable Player:  Kytara Breon Hassell


Special Awards:

Outstanding Scorekeeper Award:  Amber Morris
Varsity Softball
Four Year Player Awards:

  • Mecca Bowser


       All Conference Honors :

  • Lakitia Basnight

  • Mecca Bowser

  • Elizabeth Moran

  • Liza Melton

All Conference Honorable Mention:

  • Kiara Beasley

  • MaryAnn Armstrong


    Coach’s Awards:

  • Most Versatile Player:  Lakitia Basnight

  • Most Improved Player:  Hannah McGowan

  • Spirit Award:  Ashanti Spruill

  • Sportsmanship Award:  Liza Melton

  • Mental Toughness Award:  Elizabeth Moran

  • Leadership Award:  Mecca Bowser
    Varsity Volleyball:

Four Year Player Awards:

  • Mecca Bowser

  • Breon Hassell

  • Jade Morris


All Conference Honors:

  • Mecca Bowser

  • Breon Hassell

  • Dana Maltman

  • Jade Morris


All Conference Honorable Mention:

Elizabeth Moran

Keosha White


Coach’s Awards:

  • Hustle Award:  Breon Hassell

  • Offensive Award: Dana Maltman

  • Most Improved Player:  Keosha White

  • Most Valuable Player:  Mecca Bowser

Coach of the Year: Krista Horne