Columbia prepares for municipal elections

Published 9:39 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Tyrrell County Board of Elections is preparing for candidate filing for the Town of Columbia Municipal Election.  Persons filing will need to be residents of the town. Candidates will file at the Elections Office, in the Courthouse, 403 Main Street, Columbia.

The filing fee is $5.00 for the following:

Mayor–term two years

Alderman–term four years–three seats available

The current board is Mayor F. Michael Griffin and Aldermen Ray Marner, Mildred Ogletree and James W. Cahoon.

Mr. Cahoon was appointed on August 6, 2012 to fill the unexpired term of Carl L. Willis.  Mr. Willis vacated his seat on June 28, 2012 when the General Assembly ratified the

De-annexation Bill for Brickhouse Circle.

Filing days and times as follows:

Friday, July 5—OPENS at NOON till 3pm

Monday, July 8—9am till 3pm

Wednesday, July 10—9am till 3pm

Friday, July 12—9am till 3pm

Monday, July 15—9am till 3pm

Wednesday, July 17—9am till 3pm

Friday 19—9am till CLOSES at NOON

Questions on filing for the Municipal Elections, please contact the Elections Office at 252-796-0775 or