Sound off, June 25

Published 10:27 pm Monday, June 24, 2013

A recent paper had articles about the concealed weapons changes that are being made and how you’re going to be able to have a concealed weapon on campus or in bars. Also troubling was the one about hunting permits for children are no longer required. They’re allowed to go in the field without ever having taken an approved safety course. I just wondered did the NRA need a truck or more than one truck to pull up to the legislature in Raleigh and dump off the cash that bought these guys?

Wasn’t there a bill in the House about doing away with inspections in cars?

Don’t you agree that when they get ready to put the equipment in the playground to be sure to put some swings in for older children and adults? They have the playground at Festival Park, but that’s for little children. Of course, grownups love to swing, also, and teenagers. So, I think you should have some swings out there that adults can use and teenagers can use. That would be greatly appreciated.