Cypress Cove Marina Serves Local Boaters

Published 4:06 pm Monday, July 15, 2013

Cypress Cove Marina brings much needed business to Columbia.

Cypress Cove Marina brings much needed business to Columbia.

The coastline is a vital part of Tyrrell County.

Cypress Cove Marina offers a bridge out to sea for those interested in the twin needs of art and commerce

Frank Hughes,Sales and Service Manager at Cypress Cove Marina explained some of the history and purpose of the company.

“I have been here since 1999. Scott McLaughlin bought the place in 2005 and remodeled alot of  it. This company sells new boats and pre-owned boats. Everything from sixteen feet to fifty feet. We are a broker to sell used boats,” said Hughes

Cypress Cove Marina is an authorized MercCruiser and MercuryCruiser  dealer. Mercruiser boats have inboard engines. Mercury boats have outboard engines.

A fifty-five slip marina encompasses the area. It is full-service.

“We service gas and diesel engines. We do fiber-glass, electronic work, and air conditioning. Everything involving around a boat,” said Hughes

Two factory-trained technicians work for Cypress Cove Marina.

Hughes brought a thirty-four boat in the area close to twenty years ago. He was asked if he was interested in starting a training school for new boaters.

“I said absolutely,” Hughes explained.

For two years Hughes would come out and train customers that had just bought a boat. Every customer gets extensive training when they buy a boat. The training involves classroom instruction and on the water demonstration.

There are also weekend training cruises every other weekend throughout the boating season. Hughes determined when and where they would go on the training cruises during the first year.

Hughes started a cruising club because he did not want to continue the original training model. Members sit down at the beginning of each year and work out where they would like to go.

Hughes explained that the cruising club is the “umbrella” which hosts an important upcoming local event.

“Rivertown Christmas in Columbia is a rather unique event for a small town or even a big town. It is a four day event. We bring Santa Claus to town on a lighted boat parade. All of the boats are in that parade are big boats. I think the small one is probably thirty foot. The owners of these boats come as far Fredericksburg, Virginia,” said Hughes

Hughes explained that the event has been ongoing.

“For the last probably ten years, these people have been driving down here for two visits. One weekend to decorate their boat. The second weekend to participate in the flotilla. They volunteer their time and money,” he said.

“We have not had them yet. These people that travel all this distance have been supporting me. Although they are starting to ask why the local people are not in this,”said Hughes.

Hughes said each year he has asked to get local boaters involved in the event. He emphasized that they still can.

Cypress Cove Marina can be reached at 796-0435.

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