Partnership for the Sounds Columbia Facilities could face cuts

Published 2:52 pm Monday, July 15, 2013

The Partnership for the Sounds facilities in Columbia could be affected by state funding cuts.

“The Legislature is proposing to cut Partnership funding by about 85 percent this year despite our two decades of successful operations and unblemished financial accountability. This would have a major impact on our main office operations and the Columbia Theater,” said Tom Stroud, deputy director of programs for Partnership for the Sounds.

 Stroud stated that as it stands there enough reserve funds to get through the fiscal year until June 2014.

“But we will have to impose further reductions to staff hours and benefits on top cuts imposed the previous three years. It is likely that the operating schedule at the Columbia Theater will be affected as well. This will impact seven full-time employees though no one currently carries a full 40-hour per week schedule.Several part-time employees in Columbia will also be affected,” said Stroud.

 Funding for the Tyrrell County Visitor’s Center remains intact. It is anticipated to operate essentially as normal.