Sheriff reports on June law enforcement activities

Published 11:56 am Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sheriff Darryl Liverman reported to the Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners July 16 that he and his deputies responded to 804 law enforcement calls or complaints in June. There were 68 ambulance and 11 fire calls, too.

Officers investigated 26 offenses that included assault, burglary, larceny, vandalism, drug violations, child abuse, traffic offenses, and missing persons.

Eighty arrests on 108 charges were made. These included 32 drug violations, four liquor law violations, five court order violations, and 59 traffic offenses.

Officers served 36 criminal and 19 civil papers for the court.

Inmatt transports accounted for 137 hours of officers’ time, and they drove 2,1119 miles in that activity.

The sheriff and three deputies took in-service training in June totaling 28 hours.

Liverman and his deputies drove 18,314 miles on duty during June.

After the sheriff completed his report, commissioner Tommy Everett questioned him about noise complaints and possible enactment of an ordinance regulating noise levels.

The sheriff said he had furnished ordinances from several other jurisdictions many months ago.

Ken Windley, interim county administrator, remarked that enforcement would depend on the use of a decibel meter.

Commissioner Larry Hill said the matter was tabled earlier when a complaint about loud bullfrogs came up.

The sheriff said a properly crafted ordinance would be a “useful law enforcement tool.”