EMS Director reports on calls

Published 11:05 am Thursday, July 25, 2013

Washington-Tyrrell Ems answered 57 calls in Tyrrell County in June, director David Clary reported.

Thirty-eight of them came from the Columbia area, and 34 patients were transported to Vidant Chowan Hospital in Edenton and 11 to Washington County in Plymouth.

Forty-four patients required paramedic-level care.

On average, the EMS crew is en route to the scene in under two minutes. Average arrival is under eight minutes, but this varies widely from a response inside Columbia to one in Columbia or Kilkenny.

Clary’s report also showed figures for the service’s first six months in Tyrrell County.

A total of 314 cals were answered in the January-June period, ranging from 37 in February to 67 in May.

Transport locations were from Columbia area 214,Kilkenny 12, Alligator 14, Frying Pan 3, Gum Neck 10, Bulls Bay 20, Gum Neck 5, and “western Columbia area” 25.

Patients were transported to the hospital: Vidant Chowan  194, Vidant Pungo 6, Washington County 50, Outer Banks 3, Vidant Greenville 1, Vidant Air Medical Transport 5, Albemarle 1, refused/no transport 43

Seventy-two percent of the calls in Tyrrell County required paramedic-level care upon arrival and/or enroute to a hospital. This service was not available before January 1.