Whiskey Creek Band Visits GoodTimes Tavern in Columbia for Show

Published 10:26 am Thursday, August 8, 2013


Whiskey Creek before performance at GoodTimes Tavern in Columbia

This article was published in 2012
Columbia, NC is the ideal setting for a country band to showcase their music.

Whiskey Creek Band had a Feb. 16 night show at Columbia Crossing Restaurant and discussed some background on how they got started. The show had about 60 people in attendance and was an entertaining community event.

The band Whiskey Creek was started in December of 2011.

“I was always looking for good guitarists to jam with and I knew a USCG LT Aaron Nelson from work. Aaron Nelson and I started bringing our acoustic guitars to work and we would have little jam sessions at work.  After learning a few songs we invited my talented wife Dusty Leigh to join us and we would play songs like Folsom Travelin Soldier, It’s a Heartache, and The Bed You Made for Me,” said lead singer Wade Huston.

Huston, a member of the United States Coast Guard mentioned that his chief at the time was Chris Grey, one of the best electric guitarists this side of Nashville, so he was invited to play with the other members.

“After a while of this, we threw around the idea of adding a bass and drums.  The USCG is made up of a diverse set of extraordinary men and women, needless to say it was easy to find a quality rhythm section right there at the Air Station. We invited Rick Andreasen (drummer) and Jay Lee (Bass) to join the group and the band was officially named Whiskey Creek,” said Huston.

After about seven months of small gigs in the local area, two of the band members were transferred leaving a need for a Bass and rhythm guitarist.

“Chris brought in a new guitar technician Gabe Grise from the Air Station that was interested in our band so we asked him to join us and we had our guitarist.  After a little searching we discovered a bass player Dave Demarzio who worked at the Small Boat Station. Along with being a phenomenal bassist, Dave turned out to be a music theory genius as well,” said Huston.

The band took two months and got their new members up to speed on the set lists, then we were back out there.  Whiskey Creek played at events ranging from small USCG private events to festivals like the NC Potato Festival to large clubs like Kelly’s Tavern on the OBX.

Whiskey Creek is comprised of:
Dusty Leigh    – Lead vocals.  Dusty has been singing from a young age, she soon became the Idaho state champion choir soloist and has been blowing people away with her huge voice in such a small package. Dusty is from Nampa, ID and is married to Wade Huston.
Wade Huston    – Vocals, acoustic guitar.  Wade started out singing all of the old country classics at a young age.  When stationed in Alaska he picked up a guitar and has been playing ever since. Wade is a Storekeeper with the USCG from Garden Valley, ID and is married to Dusty Leigh.
Chris Grey     – Lead Guitar. Chris has been playing electric lead guitar for over 30 years and quite possibly could be the best lead guitarist this side of Nashville.  Chris is a Chief Storekeeper with the USCG from Roper, NC but commutes from Baltimore to be part of Whiskey Creek.
Gabe Grise     – Electric rhythm.  Gabe is an Aviation Maintenance Technician from Illinois, he has been playing guitar for over 10 years and is also a skilled guitar technician.
Dave Demarzio  – Bass.  Dave hails from New York. He is a seasoned musician, playing with several bands and doing studio work throughout his life.  Dave is a Fireman with the USCG.
Rick Andreasen – Percussion.  Rick is an Operations Specialist with the USCG and is from New York.  Rick has been a drummer for over 20 years, playing in numerous bands.

Whiskey Creek has performed and is booked at:
USCG Hangar 7 club (first gig)
Big Daddy’s – Elizabeth City
Groupers Waterfront – Elizabeth City
NC Potato Festival – Elizabeth City
Kelly’s Tavern – OBX
Port O’ Call – OBX
OBX Brewing Station – OBX
OBX Taste of the Beach – OBX
USCG Private events – Elizabeth City
The Weeping Radish – Grandy
Town House – Windsor
Aces & 8’s Classic Car Show – Elizabeth City
Last Call – Elizabeth City
Good Times Tavern – Columbia

“Our musical influences really stem from the background of our singers,” said Huston

“Dusty grew up singing 80’s rock and roll and Country Music. With such a skilled group of musicians it seemed easy meshing everyone’s styles.  I would say our biggest influence in the band’s music would be artists such as Miranda Lambert, Pat Benetar, ZZ Top, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings just to name a few,” said Huston.

Whiskey Creek also performs several original songs like “Blue Monday” written by Gabe Grise, “Under You” written by Joleen Dedmon and “Carolina Redneck” written by Wade Huston.

Huston pointed out the importance of the Aces and 8’s Classic Car Show in the venues where the band is booked at.

The event is a large car show on Oct. 5 2013 that will feature three local bands and a national headlining act.  The car show will feature 100 cars bringing in 30 vendors of all kinds.  Aces & 8’s will take place at the CPOA of Elizabeth City on Cardwell St and will support the SPCA of Northeastern North Carolina.