Four generations celebrate consecutive birthdays

Published 11:11 pm Friday, August 9, 2013


CHOCOWINITY – Aubrey Robert made her appearance into the world just in time. She became the fourth generation of her family to be born on consecutive days in July.
Aubrey has a cousin, Lorra Keech, whose birthday is July 15. Her aunt, Vickie Keech Mayo, was born July 16. Her great-grandfather, Tommy, was born on July 17 and Aubrey will be a month-old on the 18th.
“That might be a world record,” Vickie said.
She may be right, but Guiness has not certified any records for families with the most generations born on consecutive days.
Guiness has certified a few family birthday records. Five families hold the world record for most generations (four) who share the same birthday. Three of the families are American, including one with four members born on the Fourth of July.
A British family holds the record for most family members born on consecutive Leap Days. For the record, they have three.
Aubrey was due July 26, but her mom was more than happy with the early delivery. Aubrey will grow up taking part in one of the family’s biggest “holidays.” The Keech family started celebrating their birthdays together once three of them had consecutive birthdays.
More than 50 people attended this year’s celebration, which was held the weekend before Aubrey was born. It was a bigger celebration than the Fourth of July with swimming, a cookout and a special birthday cake. The cake was decorated in three sections, with a birthday wish for each, Vickie said.
Vickie has noticed a few common personality traits she, her dad and her niece share. In fact, Lorra acts more like Vickie than her kids do, she said.
“We have great personalities,” Vickie said. “We love people and we love family time.”