New Website Available for Tyrrell County

Published 2:08 pm Thursday, August 29, 2013

A new website for Tyrrell County is available for the public to use at

“I presented this website to you all a while ago. Penny, the Tyrrell County Clerk, and I have been working through some of the tabs. I think we have it ready to go now,” said Hayes Lambert, president at Atlas Geographic Data,Inc.

Lambert went through various aspects of the website in a presentation before the Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners on Aug 20.

Lambert mentioned that the website has an emergency news section. County commissioners had emphasized this as a much needed function on the website.

“We have given Penny instructions on how to log on. She can create a banner across the top of any emergency news that is going on in the county,” said Lambert.

The website can be modified and changed as needed.

Information regarding ordinances,committees,meeting minutes and contact information for county officials is on the website.

“The website is only going to successful if everybody in the community tries to keep it live and up to date,” said Lambert.

Leroy Spivey had a question about where to find emergency management guidelines.

“Where do you find links for that?” he asked.

Penny Owens said that section of the website was still being developed.

“We are going to do separate tabs for the water department, governance sections, and put a rec schedule up there,” she said.

Darryl Liverman asked if the emergency management section could be updated for something that happened in the middle of the night.

“That is exactly the reason I had it in my mind. We might need it if the main through-fare is shut down because of something like a wreck,” said Nathan Everett.

Lambert and Owens said that training opportunities would be available for this situation.