Local Author Visits Columbia

Published 3:54 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dean Roughton gives an official signing of his book for a fan. Roughton's son Connor joined him at the signing.

Dean Roughton gives an official signing of his book for a fan. Roughton’s son Connor joined him at the signing.

Apparently you can go home again.

Dean Roughton, author of the “The Most Educated Idiot I Know” appeared at the Columbia Theater for a book reading and signing on Sept. 13.

Audience members got a signed copy of Roughton’s book and listened to several vignettes read from the book.

An estimated 60 people attended the event at the Columbia Theater.

Humorous incidents like throwing corn stalks at cars, putting dog poop on neighborhood door knobs, and fighting in computer class over a girl are all recounted in the book.

But the incidents do have a purpose.

“Contrary to popular belief, stupidity is a gift not a curse. It provides us with an opportunity to laugh at ourselves, and learn from our mistakes. From this we come to see that the world is not as dark and terrible as it often seems,” says Roughton at one point in his book.

Roughton said the Friday event marked the second book signing he has had since the book has been published.

The book has had a positive reception.

“The biggest comment I get from the readership around here is that they are proud of the fact that I am a local author. They want to support me,” said Roughton.

Roughton mentioned an upcoming appearance to promote his book at the Scuppernong River Festival in October in Columbia.

For a glimpse of Roughton in an academic setting, people can check out a creative writing class he will be teaching at the College of the Albemarle in the spring.

“It is an intro class so we have to cover non-fiction narrative, poetry, short fiction, and an and some drama too,” said Roughton.

A student writing club also started at the college last year for those interested in sharpening their skills.

Plans for a sequel may be in the works sometime in the future.