Land transactions Sept. 24 to Oct. 8

Published 5:23 pm Thursday, October 10, 2013

The following deeds were transferred in Beaufort County the period of Sept. 24 to Oct 8.

Fishing Creek Enterprises to Jimmy P. Eason, Pantego Township, lot on Pungo River.

Bobby D. Whichard to Ricky Davis, Long Acre Township, .72 acre.

Maylon E. Little to Lewis Barnes II, Richland Township, Crystal Beach Estates, lot 11.

Larry A. Miner to Jonathan Lee Gonzalez, Washington, lot 179 in Nicholsonville community.

Paul McNeil to Tonya Edwards, Washington Township, .46 acre.

Lloyd R. Ballance to Rebecca H. Hawley, Pantego Township, Belhaven, two tracts.

Bath Bridgewater South LLC to 3B Farms Partnership, Bath Township, 49.104 acres.

Patricia Jordan Cooper to Patricia Jordan Cooper, Bath Township, 2.088 acres on Wheat Patch Road.

Springleaf Financial Services of North Carolina Inc. to Darrell Lane Boyd, Washington, Wanoca, block 12, lot 4.

Cherie Ann Jackson to Dallas Ray Ormond Jr., Long Acre Township, 1 acre.

NC Assets Inc. to One Pine VIII LLC, Washington, lot 41, Nicholsonville community.

Coastal Diversified Properties LLC to Kevin A. Boissonneault, Bath Township, South Bay Pointe, lot 47.

Gilbert M. Evett Sr. to Thomas W. Sawyer, Bath Township, 3 acres.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Beaufort County Arts Council, three tracts associated with Turnage Theater.

Ace Investment Group LLC to Shannon C. Whitehurst, Chocowinity, Winfield Plaza, lot 2.

ATM Properties LLL to Esmeralda Chavez Sanchez, Washington, 0.57 acre.

Stuart M. James to American Escrow and Closing Co., Long Acre Township, River Acres, lot 10.

American Escrow and Closing Co. to Michael B. Crawford, Long Acre Township, River Acres, lot 10.

Federal National Mortgage Association to David G. Edwards, Bath Township, .30 acre.

David G. Edwards to David G. Edwards, Bath Township, .30 acre.

Weyerhaeuser Co. to PCS Phosphate Co., Richland Township, 63 acres.

T. Wayne Combs to Nelson A. Everett, Sherwood Forest, lots 63, 64.

William S., Zeising to Raymond Bryan Wade, Cypress Corner, lot 17.

Carolyn Cutler to Margaret B. Ward, Bath Townships, 11/100 acre.

Mary A. McDonald (trustee) to New Vision Partners LLC, two tracts along State Road 1730.

First Troy Spe LLC to New Vision Partners, Washington, lot at corner of Main and Respess streets.

Howard Douglas Cox to J. David Cox Jr., land in Washington Township.

Victor Cruz to Merritt West Jr., Chocowinity Township, three tracts.

Lyman H. Sheppard Jr. to Hope Sheppard Van Dorp, Chocowinity Township, two lots.

Evett Properties LLC to Gilbert M. Evett Sr., Richland Township, two lots.

Timothy A. Emanuel to Polk Culpepper, Washington, lot at Summit Avenue and 13th Street.

Nancy S. O’Brien to Larry Thomas Grubb, Washington Township, two tracts.

Coastal Diversified Properties LLC to Shawn F. McMaster, Bath Township, South Bay Pointe. Lot 22.

Leslie E. Woolard Jr. to Linwood Earl Woolard, Long Acre Township, 6.58 acres.

Rick Stevens Builder Ltd. to Thomas Edward Leggett, Long Acre Township, Pirate Cove, lot 38.

Rick Stevens Builder Ltd. to Thomas Edward Leggett, Long Acre Township, Pirate Cove, lot 37.

Ronald E. Kunkel to Shawn Dylan Watters, Long Acre Township, 1.009 acres.

Edward Wells Stowe Jr. to Holton Gene Woolard, Washington, three lots.

Charles M. Phillips to Thomas Pilbeam, Washington Township, two lots.

Robin H. Perkins to Neil R. Loughlin, two tracts.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Lisa Virginia Wharton, Cypress Landing, lot 89.

Elaine Fleming Bridges to Thomas A. Porter, Bath Township, two tracts.

Lucretia R. Burbage to Gary Roper Burbage, Bath Township, 3 acres.

Robert W. Beltz to Anthony L. Davis, Pantego Township, Lazy Acres, lot 3.

Baynor Inc. to Earl J. Baynor Jr., Long Acre Township, 1.84 acres.

Coke Alexander Hayes to Michelle H. Vick, Bath Township, lot on Pungo River.

Reba T. Smith to Reba T. Smith revocable trust, several tracts.

Michael Hunnings to Wanda S. Preece, Chocowinity Township, Peaceful Acres, block C, lot 1.

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Mid-Atlantic Property Management, Chocowinity Township, 1.45 acres.

Jerry A. Arnold to James Dan Smith, Chocowinity Township, land on State Road 1151.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Paul Francis Galland Sr., Deer Run Acres, two lots.

Randy Gordon Hodges to Michael R. Hodges, 2.98 acres.

Kennith P. Whichard Jr. to William H. Darden III, Chocowinity Township, Beaufort Pointe, lot 64.

Gregory E. Clayton to Kayla C. Woolard, Bath Township, 6.67 acres.

Mildred Downing to Pamela Downing, Long Acre Township, land on State Road 1302.

John Austin Shook to John Austin Shook, Chocowinity Township, Cypress Landing, lot 24.

David C. Newman to David Newman and Teresa Newman revocable trust, Chocowinity Township, two tracts.

Fenner A. Wallace to Elton B. Waterss, Long Acre Township, Pamlico Village, block E, lot 11.