EMS Director Clary Announces Retirement

Published 1:20 pm Sunday, December 8, 2013

Washington-Tyrrell County EMS Director David Clary announced his early retirement during the Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners meeting on Dec. 3.

“I have always been loyal to these two counties,” said Clary when discussing circumstances of his retirement in a presentation before the Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners.

Clary explained that he is not leaving officially until February 15 to ensure Washington and Tyrrell County’s Medicaid report is done.

Washington County Manager Jerry Rhodes provided the complete text of Clary’s retirement given out on Nov. 19 to Rhodes’ office:

“It is with deepest regrets to inform that I will be retiring out on State Disability effective February 1st 2014. With that being said I will resume working two to three hours and ensuring all aspects of the EMS system are running and will pull call every each weeknight from home and work at a pace so I can keep all aspects of the job running until you can hire a new EMS Director. Should you not be able to get a new Director hired by February 1,2014, I will stay on part-time at the rate you wish to pay with no bargaining asked, as I am compassionate about this county and want to see the EMS system moving forward,” reads the beginning portion of Clary’s letter.

Clary goes on to say that the decision to retire is the hardest one he has ever made.

“But with my health situation, I feel it is the only decision I have for my sake and the sake of my family. I cleared this through the State Retirement System and this is not a problem as long as I am not lifting, driving, or doing the restrictions in the return to Work Form,” said Clary.

Clary ends by sincerely thanking all of the Board of Commissioners and especially Mr. Rhodes for their support  during his tenure.
“I am proud to say the citizens here have some of the best possible care of any county in the state and upon my departure things will be left to perfection with budgets and expenditures balanced and help new Director  get time to get acclimated and on their feet without having to do numerous things all at once,” said Clary in the ending remarks of his letter.