‘Outside the box’: Art class nurtures creativity

Published 6:17 pm Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Art Experience, an art class taught by Nancy Scoble at the Inner Banks Artisans’ Center, begins its next 10-week session Jan. 7. NANCY SCOBLE | CONTRIBUTED

The Art Experience, an art class taught by Nancy Scoble at the Inner Banks Artisans’ Center, begins its next 10-week session Jan. 7.

Nancy Scoble’s new afterschool program, The Art Experience, may fall into the category of an art class, but it teaches so much more.
“I don’t think it’s just about art,” Scoble said. “It teaches them compassion and trouble-shooting. They learn to think outside the box.”
Because the classes are held in the Inner Banks Artisans’ Center, Scoble said, students learn respect about sharing space with adults.
Being surrounded by art also reinforces Scoble’s lessons. She teaches a concept, and then sends students on a scavenger hunt to find examples within the gallery.
The class is open to people ages 7 and up. Scoble encourages high school students to join. The lessons are appropriate for any age, and she believes there is more freedom in her class than one would find in the typical art course at school.
“If they like art, this is their opportunity to branch out,” Scoble said. “They will learn to be freer with the children, and the children will look at them with respect and awe.”
In each class, students learn a new concept and put it to practice. Scoble finds something to read to the class that will inspire creativity and then lets the students see where it takes them.
“There will not be one project that we do together. There’s an introduction and a warm up of activities,” she said.
Children learn design, art terms and art appreciation in The Art Experience. They learn the differences in using high-quality supplies and how to care for the tools and supplies.
Students do carvings, paint and work on three-dimensional pieces. They learn to paint with a limited palette of five colors, which teaches them about blending colors and the color wheel.
The last 45 minutes is open for students to work on individual projects. They learn that art takes time. Rather than rush to complete a project that everyone is doing, they learn to take the concepts Scoble teaches and create something unique.
In addition to creating and selling her own work, Scoble does art restoration. She said this class is a wonderful outlet and reinforces her theory that adults should embrace art, creativity and play.
Scoble decided to offer the course because she saw nothing like it offered in the area and because she missed teaching children. She taught art at Washington Montessori Public Charter School.
“Other communities have an art program. I’d like to build one for our community. Our kids deserve it,” she said.
Scoble tried to keep the costs of the class at a minimum. The program costs $120 and lasts 10 weeks. Supplies are included.
“It’s so inexpensive over the long run,” Scoble said. “I want the kids to come that don’t do soccer, or basketball, the disenfranchised. And they love it.”
The new session of The Art Experience starts Jan. 7 and meets every Tuesday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
For more information about The Art Experience, contact the Inner Banks Artisans’ Center at 975-2223.