New year, new lease on growth for Bath

Published 8:30 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

The new year will ring in the long-awaited completion of several large projects in the town of Bath.

According to town administrator Bubs Carson, at the top of the list is the new wastewater treatment facility that will allow a years-long, state-issued moratorium on the town’s sewage capacity to be lifted. With a doubled sewage capacity, the town will once again be able to grow.

“From the town’s standpoint, that is certainly the biggest news that we have,” Carson said.

While the original completion date was scheduled for the latter part of 2013, a 90-day extension was requested by engineering firm MacConnell & Associates in November. The wastewater treatment center is now expected to be completed mid-February.

“The whole reasoning for the delay was primarily because there were so many funding agencies involved,” Carson said.

He explained that with four different agencies involved, each with different regulations, the lag time between the request and receipt of funds caused the unexpected delays.

“The construction has never really caused the delay,” Carson said. “It was primarily making sure the finances were in order so we could meet our obligations.”

The new Bath Library is another project in its final stages of completion. A grassroots effort by the Bath High School Preservation group to restore the old school building, making it a town center, will see its first phase come to fruition with the installation of the library into one wing of the building.

“The certificate of occupancy has been received by the contractor. There was only one minor thing on inspection and that was resolved on the same day,” Carson said.

In addition to the projects that will allow the town, and the library, to grow, the Family Dollar on Carteret Street is also set to open in early 2014. According to Carson, the chain discount store’s representatives have applied for and received a business privilege license from the town.