Zaxby’s to roost in Washington

Published 8:35 pm Thursday, January 9, 2014




Washington Daily News

Zaxby’s is bringing its chicken-dominant menu to Washington later this month.

The restaurant is located at 1400 Carolina Ave., adjacent to McDonald’s.

The opening of the local Zaxby’s should provide some relief for some area residents who are unemployed. The restaurant chain will create nearly 50 jobs with the opening of its Washington site.

General Manager Jonathan Rose has been overwhelmed with nearly 450 applications he has received this month. Of the 450 people who submitted applications, he plans to interview 100 people for non-management positions. Starting out, Rose said, employees earn $7.25 an hour, but they may receive raises depending on their performances. For many jobseekers, in a county with an unemployment rate of nearly 9 percent, finding a minimum wage is a good place to start, one city official said.

According to John Rodman, planning director for Washington, the arrival of Zaxby’s offers some relief in a bleak economy and having the national chain restaurant in Washington offers the potential for new growth.

“The City of Washington has not grown too much beyond 1 or 2 percent, so it’s a real benefit when you get national chain restaurants like Zaxby’s to take a chance with Washington,” said Rodman.  “This paves the way for other restaurants to come in and can help the economy, and helps residents that don’t have the education others do to find jobs.”

According to Beaufort County Economic Development Director Bob Heuts, the new jobs created by Zaxby’s bring about positive change for residents in Beaufort County who, even if employed, would otherwise remain underemployed.

“Fifty jobs at Zaxby’s or any other establishment is great and should be appreciated and celebrated.  Zaxby’s creates new opportunities for the people in Beaufort County. Relative to the 20,000 people in the total work force, 50 new jobs will not reduce the overall unemployment rate. However, any new opportunity is better than no opportunity,” said Heuts.

The new Zaxby’s will be Beaufort County’s first and the 62nd store built in North Carolina. Ryan Tittle, a franchise licensee, said he’s excited to bring the Zaxby’s brand to Washington.

“Residents have shown great support for the brand and we see this as a great opportunity to expand the business,” said Tittle. “We are excited to bring a Zaxby’s to Washington and are confident that the same quality of food and service Zaxby’s is known for will keep area residents coming back for more.”

For those seeking employment, Tittle said, candidates should stop by the new location and apply.