Arts Council, Turnage up and running

Published 8:27 pm Tuesday, January 14, 2014




The marquee is fixed and the neon is set to glow down Main Street Thursday night as the Turnage Theater will host its first performance in over two years.

The Beaufort County Arts Council — new owners of the theater — hosts award-winning poet, written-word maven and performing artist Glenis Redmond in a one-woman show.

Redmond has been in town this week doing an arts residency with John Small Elementary School and P.S. Jones Middle School. Now she’s taking her show downtown, for the inaugural Turnage performance.

“Glenis is a treasure, and we are lucky to have her in Beaufort County this week,” Joey Toler, executive director of the arts council, said. “Her program is great for the whole family and lasts about an hour – the perfect way to get people in the door to see that BCAC and the theater is up and running again.”

The performance is set for 7:30 p.m. and is free to anyone who wants to come.

“The Arts council will be presenting a mix of programming (at the theater) — some of it will be free, some of it will be at minimal cost, some ticketed event will cost more. It will be a big mix, so that anybody will feel like they can come to a show at the Turnage Theater,” Toler said. “One of the Arts Council’s missions is to provide art experiences to anyone in Beaufort County regardless of age, regardless of economic background, and that is something that we are committed to continuing even though we are in this new space. My goal is that people truly get that this is the people’s theater. This is for them — for everyone.”

Toler said he and arts council staff have been working day and night settling into their new offices after nearly four decades at the train depot at the Washington Civic Center, but they are looking forward to opening night.

“People will see that it’s a new era for the Arts Council and for the Turnage,” Toler said.

The Turnage Theater is located at 150 W. Main St., Washington.