Every little bit counts

Published 10:13 pm Monday, January 20, 2014

By Louise Hinsley

Extension Agent, 4-H and Food & Nutrition 


With the holidays over and new year ‘s resolutions in gear perhaps you need a reminder that making healthy food choices doesn’t have to stop the party. Seriously, as some friends gather for the upcoming Super Bowl you might to consider providing healthy options. It is proven that if fruit or veggies are sliced and served, we will enjoy their texture and natural flavors … and they are so good for us.

Here are some of my suggestions:
Serve Veggie slices like fresh sliced carrot chips instead of fried chips for dips or spreads.

Use beans! They are packed with protein and fiber. They make great dips like hummus, and other white bean, and black bean, dips and salsa.

Use fat-free Greek yogurt in place of sour cream in dips.
Enjoy low or reduced-fat cheeses.

Use 93 percent lean ground beef for dishes with ground beef like meatballs, mini burgers, or nachos — or go meatless and use beans or lentils instead.

Bake instead of fried, try baked oven fries (sweet potato are my favorite)

Remember portion control and that laughter actually burns a few calories, so go to party with a healthy food option in hand and have a great time socially without missing a thing.

For more information please contact Hinsley at Beaufort County Extension Center, 252-946-0111.