Student of the Week:Liza Melton

Published 12:28 pm Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Liza Melton practicing diving at the aquarium in Manteo

Liza Melton practicing diving at the aquarium in Manteo

Liza Melton has a unique hobby.

Right now she is a senior at Columbia High School, is enrolled in Early College, and has completed several college classes

She is also a certified diver.

Melton’s graduation project is on underwater archaeology and she works with the Junior Scientists in the Sea group.

Jr. Scientists in the Sea is described online at as a non-profit organization reaching out to students with a passion for diving, research, engineering and exciting hands-on activities.

“To create new divers, scientists and engineers, Jr. Scientists in the Sea is designed to expose kids to a meaningful, educational program combined with on the job training, hard work and fun,” reads a portion of the group’s mission statement online.

Melton said she has had many interesting experiences diving in various locations across the United States.

“Since I am already certified, I go with the guy who is certified and help him teach others. We have gone to Key Largo in Florida and Baltimore as well,” she said.

Sharks and stingrays were an arm’s length away in Key Largo.

Diving Training involves taking classes and eight open water dives.

Melton wants to try for deeper waters in college where she wants to study nursing.

“North Carolina A&T University is one of the places where I have applied. They have a good nursing program.  I will know later this year where I have been accepted,” said Melton.

Melton mentioned that going to school in Tyrrell County has been a good experience.

“I like that it is small and you know your teachers better. You know your friends and you know everybody around you. It is not like a school where there are five hundred students and you do not know anybody and you do not have a relationship with anybody,” said Melton.

Playing softball and running cross-country have also been some of the highlights of going to school in Tyrrell County.

“We did really well last year. We lost a lot of Seniors though this year.  I still feel like it is going to be really good because we have a lot of good upcoming players now coming from the Middle School,” said Melton.

Melton is from the Travis area of Tyrrell County and has lived there her whole life.

“It is quiet, and there is less crime,” she said.

She is excited for life after high school.

“I know what I want in life and I am going to do all I can to achieve that goal,” Melton said.