NCDOT sends crews Responding to eastern North Carolina

Published 3:53 pm Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From North Carolina Department of Transportation

Raleigh — N.C. Department of Transportation maintenance crews in Division Two are out on the roads responding to the ice and snow that hit the region Tuesday night.
A total of 88 pieces of equipment are being used throughout cleanup to plow roads and spread salt and sand. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 1,300 tons of salt have been placed on the primary routes in the division, which includes Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, Greene, Jones, Lenoir, Pamlico and Pitt counties. Crews were hopeful about finishing clearing the primary routes Wednesday and will start on secondary routes today.
Crews follow a pre-established order when removing snow and ice. They begin with interstate and four-lane divided primary routes, as well as some primary and secondary routes. These roads get the highest priority, because they carry the largest number of vehicles and serve as critical connections between cities and towns.

Next, crews clear U.S. and N.C. routes and paved secondary routes not already addressed. Then, they handle unpaved secondary routes.
Motorists are encouraged to use extreme caution and remember these safety tips:
• Slow down;
• Bridges and overpasses freeze first;
• Put down the cell phone and focus on the road;
• Use only gentle pressure on both the accelerator and the brakes to avoid skidding; and
• Give other motorists plenty of room in case you or other drivers begin to slide.