Prokos rejoins Daily News sales team

Published 12:01 am Saturday, February 22, 2014


Cecilia Prokos has rejoined the staff of the Washington Daily News. After a little more than a year’s hiatus, Prokos returns as a member of the Daily News’ sales team.

Prokos has been in the media business for 30 years, working in a number of capacities, from publicist and public information to media consulting and sales.

“I really found my niche in print media,” Prokos said. “I missed working in media, working with my clients, being part of business solutions for people here in town. Overall, being a part of the fabric, really, of Washington.”

She said she values what a local newspaper like the Washington Daily News, and her role in it, provides to the community.

“We provide information that cannot be found anywhere else, for the readers of Beaufort County, when it comes to Beaufort County business and happenings,” Prokos said. “We are vital. Beaufort County is our backyard and nobody knows what’s going on in their backyard like we do.”

She said this allows the sales team to provide a platform to get customers’ messages out, one that gives them the exact reach and exposure they need.

“That’s what the sales team at the Washington Daily News is all about and I’m very proud to be part of it again,” Prokos said.