Forestry 101: Goose Creek offers program on forestry basics

Published 8:56 pm Thursday, February 27, 2014



There’s far more that can be done with trees than simply letting them grow, according to Goose Creek State Park Ranger Joe Martin. This weekend, he’ll be teaching local landowners about their trees during his presentation, “Forestry and the Private Landowner.”

From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the park’s visitors’ center, Martin will delve into the subject of forestry: how to grow, care for and harvest trees.

“A lot people are familiar with farming. Forestry is the same thing, it’s just farming trees,” Martin said. “One of the purposes of the program is to introduce folks to all the aspects of forestry, so they’re a little more informed on the land and achieve some basic forestry objectives.”

A Powerpoint presentation indoors will be followed by a 15-minute foray into the field, Martin said.

While Saturday’s presentation about forestry may be a first, Martin said that many things rangers do at the park have a direct correlation to forestry, including proscribed burns. Though there are no endangered tree species at Goose Creek, Martin said park rangers are currently attempting to repopulate a native species.

“Long Leaf pines — there’s not a lot of those around anymore,” Martin said. “They were found in pre-colonial days and we’re trying to reestablish them in parts of the park. That’s one of the species we’re trying to restore to the area.”

Martin said anyone interested in learning about what forestry is, with questions about what to do with trees on their property “besides letting them grow,” how much timber is worth, forestry cost-sharing and tax incentives, is welcome to attend the free program.

Goose Creek State Park is located at 2190 Camp Leach Road, Washington. For more information about the forestry program and other upcoming presentations, call 252-923-2191.