Washington County EMS Director Discusses Work

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, March 4, 2014

John Flemming, Washington County's New EMS Director

John Flemming, Washington County’s New EMS Director

John Flemming, Washington County’s New Emergency Services Director, is growing into his position.

Flemming started his position Feb. 20 and has been able to observe the dynamics of the area.

“The model that Washington-Tyrrell EMS has set it up is unique. There are not many examples of this across the state with dual contracting where one county provides services for both,” said Flemming.

Local municipalities are having to go through budget constraints. EMS Funds are expensive and counties are struggling to provide a service mandated by the state.

“By pooling our resources, we can provide the paramedic level of service at the highest level of care in pre-hospital medicine. It is providing equal services for both counties,” said Flemming

Flemming described the Washington-Tyrrell EMS model as a “affordable partnership.’

“Doing this enables tax dollars to be spent wisely. By using this model some of the other counties can maybe expand their services  to provide the highest level of care to their citizens as well,” he said.

Flemming said he is in the process of an overview of the Washington-Tyrrell EMS system.

“I am looking at what is the system doing well. I am looking at things like response times. I am looking at things like providing equal services to all citizens. We are providing a good service, but there may be ways where we can provide an excellent level of service,” said Flemming

A good relationship with the public is important to Flemming as he spends more time in his position.

“I want people to be able to come in and talk with me,” he said

The medical field has been a passion for Flemming.

“This is continuing my drive forward. I want to provide good quality care and pass on my experiences to my peers and the younger generation,” he said.

Flemming has an Associate Degree in Emergency Medical Services from Coastal Carolina Community College.  He most recently was Director of Communications with First Med in Wilmington, NC.  He was employed by Johnston Ambulance Service as Station Captain