Tyrrell County Chamber of Commerce Encourages Citizens to Buy Local

Published 9:10 pm Monday, March 31, 2014

Tyrrell County Chamber of Commerce Encourages Residents to “Buy Local” ~ Support Tyrrell County

-by Ann Ward, Chamber President


Why should I buy local, you might ask.  These are a few reasons:


First and foremost, when we buy in Tyrrell County we contribute to the tax revenues for our county. It is important to know that these tax revenues provide support for our schools, law enforcement, emergency services and other family services.  Why would anyone chose to support other counties when we could benefit from these dollars ourselves?!


Secondly, supporting local businesses keeps jobs in Tyrrell County.  When businesses no longer get our support, they have to close their doors.  What happens then is we have people without jobs, thus a higher unemployment rate we must support.


Thirdly, we should feel a sense of pride when we know we are helping our local businesses. In a small county, it is even more important to support one another!


Finally, you can win prizes!  Each month a gift is donated by one of our local businesses.  A winner’s name is drawn at the Greater Tyrrell County Chamber of Commerce meeting (held on the third Thursday each month).  To participate you simply place five sales receipts (a minimum of $5/purchase each) in one of the pre-printed envelopes and drop off at the collection boxes.  The envelopes are available to residents at each drop off site.  Boxes are found at the Tyrrell County Water Department, the Tyrrell County Visitors’ Center, Tyrrell County Senior Center, Tyrrell County Library and the Town of Columbia.


“Personally, knowing I support the community which has supported me and my family for many years makes me feel good!  I want to see Tyrrell County remain a viable and wonderful place to work, play and raise our families!  I encourage everyone, when possible; to please Buy Local!” states Ms. Ward.