Published 8:44 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To the Editor,


The SKY IS FALLING scenario being pushed by Hood Richardson and friends is nothing more than scare tactic to prevent the new jail from becoming a reality. I’m not writing about my opinion on the jail, this letter is to show the facts relative to the projected costs of the new jail.
The current jail can house 75 inmates. The projected jail population for years 2013 thru 2035 runs from 113 up to 124 respectively through those years. These projections reflect an over population of 38 in 2013 up to 49 in 2035. The cost of housing this over population of prisoners is $55 per day which adds up to $752,850 in 2013 and up to $983,675 in 2035. That’s just for the over population, not the jail itself.
The cost of a twenty million dollar loan, to build a new jail, will cost the county approximately ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. I think that makes this a no brainer as the cost of the new jail is almost completely off set by the elimination of current/jprojected costs to house prisoners outside Beaufort County.
You see Mr Richardson and friends, these are facts, not just hype.

William Buonanno