Vidant Beaufort Hospital recognizes volunteers

Published 10:44 pm Thursday, April 10, 2014

From Vidant Beaufort Hospital


In celebration of National Volunteer Week (April 6th – 12th), Vidant Beaufort Hospital wishes to thank our over 150 volunteers who give so graciously of their time to benefit our hospital and patients. “Our volunteers give generously of their time and energy to support our hospital, our employees and our patients every day; their contributions are countless,” says hospital president Harvey Case.


According to Jan Hamblin, manager of volunteer services, “our volunteers are fantastic! You will find them throughout our hospital assisting patients, visitors, and staff in so many ways.  In 2013, they contributed 14,030 hours, the equivalent of 7.5 FTE’s.  Using the 2009 Independent Sector estimate of the value of a volunteer hour in North Carolina, the monetary value of these hours equals $267,833.00!”


Vidant Beaufort Hospital is also supported by a group of teenage volunteers during the summer months. These dedicated students provide a great service to the hospital and patients as well as get a first-hand look at the healthcare industry.

In addition to the hospital’s regular volunteers and summer volunteers, there are many people in our community who give tirelessly of their time knitting and crocheting items for our newborns and cancer patients. The hospital greatly appreciates their generosity.  “All of our hospital volunteers contribute to our organization’s success,” says Hamblin.  “We could not do it without them.”


If you are interested in volunteering at Vidant Beaufort Hospital please contact Jan Hamblin (975-4195) or Gayle Morgan (975-4430) for more information.

Carole Ahlman

Ann Barrett

Dee Beckman

Frank Belote

Joyce Blackmon

Mollie Bowen

Muffy Bowman

Brenda Boyd

Inez Boyd

Pat Carlson

Jean Cherry

Joyce Chrismon

Jennifer Cook

Barbara Curran

Doris Cutler

Jackie Dean

Bob Dorn

Ella Dougherty

Julie Edwards

Jean Ferguson

Norma Fredericks

Libby Garris

Bill Greiwe

Celia Harding

Carole Harris

Dale Harris

Walter Hawkins

Inda Hill

Joyce Jackson

J. J. Jarvah

Mary Johnson

Billy Jones

Elsie Keehnle

Skip Keim

Naomi Kennedy

Hester Anne Kidd

Mary Kimball

Rita King

Sandra Lacy

Sharon Larkin

Margarette Latham

Bessie LaVictoire







Norma Lindsey

Trish Litchfield

Carol Mann

Shirley Mann

Bernice Marle

Dianne McColgan

Joan McGarry

Carol McGrath

Cindy McLaughlin

Gladys Mills

Julio Mino

Katherine Mitchell

Tish Moore

Trudy Nelson

Dan Olson

Bob Pacciocco

Dennis Pelletier

Marge Perz

Claire Poley

Jack Pyburn

Shelly Rebholz

Toni Reiner

Amy Rowe

Jennette Rowe

Jo Rowe

Phil Ryals

Cheryl Schuch

Gene Schwartz

Mary Lou Sheppard

Forest Sidbury

Mary Jo Vance

Carol Wainwright

Judi Ward

Judy Wiesner

Cathy Whichard

Shirley Whisenant

Mary Williamson

Rachel Wolfe

Melvin Woolard

Kathy Young