A little bit of Beaufort County

Published 7:52 pm Saturday, April 19, 2014



The Saturday Market in Beaufort County is truly remarkable. Sure there are local markets in town throughout the country, but the Saturday Market here is special.

Beaufort County is a melting pot of sorts. There is a huge art demographic, for one. In addition, there is a wide variety of agriculture, and being a river community, it is a source for seafood.

With that being said, the Saturday Market is now open for the rest of the season, offering a wide range of products. Local farmers and growers showcase vegetables, fruit, flowers and other plants from all over the area. Fisherman and harvesters of the river bring seafood from local waters for residents to purchase and enjoy.

Not only does the Market feature fresh produce and seafood, but also baked goods and homemade recipes find their way to Stewart Parkway at the corner of West Main Street.

The Market also facilitates healthy lifestyles through healthy products and eating.

With Beaufort County having an enormous artisan population, the Market is known to feature jewelry, pottery and other arts and crafts items that have that eastern North Carolina charm.

The most special aspect of the Market is ultimately the people. The people of Beaufort County make the Market — if not for the talented and caring residents, who take the time to grow the produce and plants, catch the seafood and craft the jewelry and other items, there would be no Saturday Market. The Market also provides people wishing to start small businesses a starting point by which they can get their name and products out to the public.

Take a Saturday to go down to Stewart Parkway and the downtown area. You will find that the Market is a great social environment, too. Patrons and sellers alike swap secrets and goods, or you may find yourself learning something interesting from the interesting folks drawn downtown by the promise of local goods. The Saturday Market, you might find, is a quaint, unique tradition that is a very important socioeconomic tool in the community, one that many people look forward to every week.