Washington galleries personify the Pamlico’s beauty

Published 8:48 pm Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The world’s most famous artists – Vincent van Gogh, Rembrant, Raphael – all drew inspiration from picturesque and color-bound landscapes scattered throughout Europe.

In eastern North Carolina, horizontal planes of green, tobacco- or cotton-filled farmland, or the overcrowded, bustling streets of Greenville, can only stimulate so much imagination.

Washington, on the other hand, is on oasis in an otherwise monochromatic region. It’s perpetual, placating evening sunsets open up a pastel of burnt orange, vermillion, terra cotta and, if you’re stick around long enough, eventually indigo. Reflecting vibrantly off the water, the colors congeal to create an awe-inspiring view from the banks of the Pamlico.

As an almost direct result of this reoccurring spectacle, creativity is kindled and shops like the Inner Banks Artisans’ Center and the Lone Leaf Gallery become harbingers of ingenuity.

For an average, inartistic art lover, casually taking a stroll down Main Street offers so much more than just a light dose of retail therapy. It allows the average person to appreciate the originality spurred by the town’s beauty.

For example, one can lose themselves in the splendor of the Inner Banks Artisans’ Center, a 5,000-square-foot gallery where artists rent cubby-like studios to display and construct.

Watercolor paintings, jewelers, glasswork, pottery – the gallery has it all, and is an ever changing and evolving showcase.

A true gem of Washington, next time you stroll downtown, make sure to check out one or all of the many galleries. Who knows, maybe you’ll become inspired, as many others have.