April 12 to April 18- Deed Transfers

Published 8:13 pm Thursday, April 24, 2014

The following deeds were transferred in Beaufort County the period of April 12 to April 18.

Bron Hendrick to Thurman R. Greene, Bath Township, Pamlico River, 1.346 acres

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C., Washington Township, Maple St., lot 93, Rosedale

Alfred L. Wilson to Martha W. Connor, Bath, Main St. and Hwy 92, Bath Creek, 0.26 acres

City of Washington to 234 Springs Rd. LLC, Washington, 3 tracts 28.557 acres

Bath Bridgewater South LLC to Catnip Estates Homeowners Assoc. Inc, Bath Township, 2 tracts, Catnip Point Rd, Catnip Point, 2 tracts

Kevin E. Boyd to Harry L Smith Jr., lot 27, Beaufort Pointe

Merrick Julian Gilroy Jr. to Merrick Julian Gilroy Jr., lot 63, Magnolia Shores

James A. Harris Jr. to Janet M. Allen, Washington, lot 2, BLK E Willows

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to William Murphy II, 6th and Hudnell streets

Robert C. Barnes to Robert C. Barnes, Bath Township, Pamlico River, lot 2, Martha M. Guthrie

Linda J. Lawson to Kate Kohler, Washington, 3 tracts, 10th Street, 3 tracts, Nicholson Street, Nicholsonville

Gilbert R. Alligood to Jordan M. Paniagua, Bath Township, Kelly Rd

Morgan Tyler Company LLC to Dale Michael Barnett, Bath Township, 2 tracts, W.E. Miller Sub.

Peggy Hodges Ross to Teresa Knox Woolard, Washington Township, lot 7

Nicholas L. Paul to Marie Montana Wentland, Pantego Township, Hwy 264 and SR 1705, 0.56 acres

Michael Cetner to Marc A. Recko, Mallard and Camelia and Hillside drives, 0.93 acres

Paul B. McNiel to Advanced Property Systems LLC, 3 tracts, Middle and 3rd streets, Aurora 0.5 acres

Gail Schryer to Therese M. Finn, Washington, lot 2, Iron Creek