Business Feature: Creswell Furniture

Published 8:54 pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bryan Owens and Sharon Alexander review floor plans for a potential customer

Bryan Owens and Sharon Alexander review floor plans for a potential customer

Home is where the heart is located, but no home is complete without meeting the simple needs of everyday life.

Creswell Furniture located at 9940 N Carolina 94, Creswell, NC helps fill a variety of customers’ needs.

“We are a full-service furniture store. We do appliances. We do game room products like billiards, arcade games, and poker tables. We also do flooring and have design services,” said Brad Alexander, owner at Creswell Furniture.

Creswell Furniture serves customers in a wide area including work in the Outer Banks and Elizabeth City.

“We have a second location in Edenton. When you come across the sound, we service Roper,Plymouth, Jamesville,Pantego, and Belhaven all across that way right on back to the beach,” said Alexander.

People often want direction when designing an area of their home. They have an idea of what they would like but need help putting it together.

“They need guidance and help to go forward with their plans. They can bring a budget if they have that,” said Alexander.

Seven full-time employees work at Creswell Furniture.

Brad works with his wife Sharon,who is also an owner.

Creswell Furniture’s design services are an important aspect of the business.

“People may want to come in and lay out a house. We can show them how it fits in with the different rooms they have chosen,” said Alexander.

Design services may mean work on a small house or a 16 to 18 bedroom house in a place like Kill Devil Hills.

“At the beach location, we are doing all the flooring, furniture, bedding, kitchen packages, and appliances. We are doing the total job of furnishing the house,” said Alexander.

Alexander was born and raised in Creswell.

“Neither one of us came from any kind of furniture background. We just had a desire to do it. We started on a small scale and grew to where we are today,” said Alexander.

Alexander said that the business has seen changes over time.

“We started out on the main street of Creswell. We outgrew that building and built the new location out here on the highway around 2003. We have seen a lot of traffic consistently throughout the year,” said Alexander.

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