Write Again . . . And the correct answer is . . .

Published 3:55 pm Monday, May 26, 2014

“How’re you doing?” Or, “How you doin’?”

This is a fairly typical greeting among and between we Southern souls.

We’re a friendly sort, we are. Most of us, anyway.

How best to answer this question I’ve pondered for years. First, it seems reasonable to assume, an in-depth answer isn’t really sought. It’s more of a rhetorical reflex-question it seems.

For years I’ve often responded with “Every day is a blessing.” This is meant sincerely, but it sometimes, well, seems a tad awkward. As in, aren’t I a swell fella?

A lengthy answer to the “greeting question” would certainly induce “mego” in the listener. You know, my-eyes-glaze-over. Nobody really wants a lot of information. Like a lot of personal health specifics. Or a financial report. Or a grandchildren update. Or travel experiences. Or . . .

One time I answered with “I’m doing absolutely great, except for my health and finances.” Now, that will confuse ’em, for sure. But it’s too flippant.

I think, finally, that I have come up with what — at least for me — is the

best, most honest answer I can give to “How’re you doing?” It’s “Gratefully!”

That’s right. Gratefully. I think that’ll work for me.

Having said all this, I realize that such isn’t the stuff of great importance. It’s the stuff of, well, just everyday-ness (how ’bout that new word). A part of being here, being a part of the human condition. A part of the family of man. A very small part, I know.

Yet, isn’t it great just to be here? Just to be.

Truth to tell, I appreciate most anyone asking how I am. To analyze their greeting serves no real purpose. At the very least they are just being friendly. To worry about one’s own response is to attach too much gravitas to the whole exchange.

I mean, to even write much about this – as I have just done – is probably time not well spent. Enough, already.

And so, kind reader . . . how’re YOU doing?